Infinite Skillz Basketball provides team training to the Central Florida area with a 1 trainer to 10 player ratio. Our instruction is the perfect jolt to help coaches get their teams on fire. This program has helped over 20 teams prepare for the next level. Our dynamic style of training helps teams improve their skill set and in-game IQ.  Team training also offers expanding ball handling skills, shooting, defense and footwork. We will do motion drill break down and provide many examples. The combination of our high energy and knowledge lets us cover a lot of ground. We teach by example and motivate through enthusiasm and love for the game.

All team training is done on appointment basis only. Call us today and find out how we can help you break through barriers and get to the next level.

All sessions must be paid prior to session.

Skillz Assessment

Infinite Skillz Basketball Academy approach to training starts with an evaluation of your current skill and conditioning levels. ‘As your prospective trainers, we need to get as much information about your skill set as we can in order to create a custom development plan to help you reach your basketball goals.

This evaluation is called an ‘assessment’, and it takes about 30 minutes. We put you through a series of age appropriate drills that helps us evaluate your conditioning, flexibility, coordination, basketball agility, basketball footwork and overall skill level. After the assessment, I share my observations with the player and parent(depending on age)and discuss your basketball goals. At this point, we create a customized workout plan and get you on your way to reaching your potential. Below you will find general ideas about what I am looking for during the assessment:


When performing our dynamic warm-up, I watch you in specific exercises to determine how flexible you are. Range of motion and flexibility are extremely important in performing at a high level.


Having good basketball conditioning is crucial in becoming a high level basketball player. Infinite Skillz workouts are designed to be high energy, moving from drill to drill, giving you short breaks, and constructed to get you in basketball shape. You can’t play at a high level if you are not in shape. Great conditioning is the basis from which everything else is possible. You can be a highly skilled, highly motivated player but if your conditioning is poor you most likely won’t get the chance to use any of those skills.

Coordination & Agility

We evaluate your coordination and agility by putting you through a series of footwork and agility drills to help me determine a starting point for your skill program. I look for good footwork, speed, lateral movement and change of direction. If your coordination & agility need improvement, you will have a different starting point in your program than someone whose coordination & agility doesn’t.

Basketball skill level

Shooting form, ball-handling, passing and defensive footwork are all evaluated. we look for potential shooting flaws, weaknesses in ball-handling and passing technique. More importantly I evaluate your attitude, how well you take instruction and how motivated you are. These things are important in forming a great working relationship between you and your trainer. A great attitude, a strong work ethic and high motivation create a great atmosphere for improvement.

Post Evaluation

After the initial workout we sit down and discuss your goals for basketball, your reasoning for wanting to work with a trainer, and your long term basketball goals. I tell you what I think is realistic and share with you what I can do to help you improve if you want to move forward.

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Training is all about improving the skills and fundamentals of our players in a more personalized setting. The workouts are hour-long sessions dedicated to 100% skill development and typically cover shooting, ball handling, passing, athleticism, defense, and/or other important basketball skills. We offer a few different training options from the most personalized to the least. In addition, your son or daughter can enjoy clinics and camps in conjunction to the trainings.

Private Training

Private Training involves one coach and 1-2 players in a one-hour workout. These training sessions allow the players to receive maximum individual attention.

Group Training

Group Training involves 1-2 coaches and 7-15 players. These workouts are typically open for any players to sign up.

Speed and Agility

Speed -

The speed portion of our program is designed to improve the athlete’s acceleration, linear and lateral speed. We use a combination of age appropriate plyometric movements, lower and upper body strength building exercises and a wide variety of strategically designed speed building exercises to improve the athlete’s overall explosiveness and performance. Our speed training program has benefited athletes participating in various sports including, but not limited to, basketball, baseball, soccer and track & field.  

Agility -

The agility component of our program is coupled with our speed regimen but its primary focus is to improve the athlete’s multidirectional speed. During this program our youth fitness trainers focus on rapid hand and foot movements, body balance and coordination-all of which teach the athlete the dynamics that will enhance their ability to explode and accelerate.

Vertimax training

Join in the Explosive VertiMax Training Regimen incorporating our VertiMax Advanced Training Systems. Train using top of the line equipment including Vertimax machines and Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands. This training regimen is unlike any in Central Florida, ensuring that all of our athletes will gain unique skills that will improve their overall game. The VertiMax will help our athletes with their vertical jump performance as well as their explosive speed development. The VertiMax is the most advance sports performance training system designed to assist athletes with athletic performance!

Bitty Ball (ages 4-8)

This is an introduction to organized basketball for boys and girls for ages 4-8 in pre-school .  Our primary goal is for these young players to learn the game of basketball, how to play on a team, great sportsmanship and to have fun. We teach basic fundamentals and encourage the players to develop an interest in the sport and improve each week. Players will play on a seven-foot goal with smaller basketballs.  Players will be instructed for approximately 40 minutes and then will participate in controlled scrimmages for approximately 20 minutes.   

Shot Clinic

Allows players the opportunity to develop their shooting form and technique through innovative and successful drills. Your player will gain confidence to score after score from various locations of the court. This class is designed for intermediate to advanced players. Beginner players may register with approval from the coach. Boys and girls ages 8-17 are encouraged to attend this program.

Class Objectives include:

  • Shooting Form
  • Shooting Off the Pass
  • Shooting Off the Dribble
  • Foul Shooting
  • Shooting off of screens

Players are placed into small groups based on skill level in order to progress at an appropriate pace throughout the program. Players must possess a foundation in basketball. This is not an introductory basketball program.


Space in each class is limited so please pre-register soon!

Bitty Ball (Ages 4-8): Tuesday, Thursday - 5pm-6pm
Level 1 (4-6th Grade): Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 4pm-5pm 
Level 2 (6-8 Grade): Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 5pm-6pm
Level 3 (High School): Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6pm - 7pm
Advanced Ballhandling Lab - Tuesday, Thursday - 4:00-5pm

Shot Clinic Saturdays

Level 1 - 9am
Level 2 - 10am
Level 3 - 11am

Advanced Ball handling:

Level 3 - 9am
Level 2 - 10am
Level 1 - 11am

*Vertimax Training / Speed agility can be scheduled anytime the facility is open, please call to do so.


1 month (4) sessions $100
1 month (8) sessions $175
1 month (12) sessions $225
You can choose from: Group skillz training (Level I,II,and III) , advanced ballhandling, and shot clinic.
Speed Agility $25 session
Vertimax (30 mins) $25
Bitty Ball $99 month (twice a week)
Private (1 on1) Training $60


 Be sure that the program you were registering for fits into your schedule and meets your child's skill level as no refunds are provided. There are no make-up days for missed classes. QUESTIONS: Any questions about this program should be directed to the Program Director by email or phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

** video taping of any ISBC program is strictly prohibited **